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Our services enable you to digitalise transactions and key business activities while saving time and money.

Our services and how they benefit your business

Jinius Marketplace: sell online and increase your revenue

Sell on the Jinius marketplace, reach thousands of consumers and potentially increase your turnover. We take care of marketing and shipping, at zero cost to you!

The Jinius marketplace offers customers an exceptional personalized shopping experience, featuring a wide range of lifestyle products, fast Cyprus-wide shipping, and reliable shop reviews.

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Invoices: save time and easily reconcile

You can send and receive digital invoices and credit notes, pay your invoices via the platform, receive status updates and access your billing history.

The main advantage of this service is that all the information is transferred in real time to the relevant parties, saving time while facilitating communication and accounts reconciliation.

Payments: made easier and safer

By integrating Jinius with your business’ 1bank account you can execute worry-free payments with the reliability of the Bank of Cyprus.

In addition, you save time by automating multiple invoice payments.

Remittance management: Save time and money by automating bulk payments

The Remittance service provides the capability to schedule, send bulk payments to multiple suppliers and receive automated remittance advice.

Your suppliers will receive real-time notifications for the payments received. The invoices status will be automatically updated in the platform.

This means reduced operational costs, less manual work for employees, more time to spend on things that matter.

Ecosystem: Grow your business network

Build your company’s digital ecosystem by connecting with other companies and starting new collaborations.

Find new suppliers, connect with new potential customers and increase your revenue.

Tenders management: Facilitate and digitalise the tender process

Buyers can connect with suppliers on a big ecosystem, effortlessly publish their Request for Tenders (RFTs) and efficiently manage the entire process online.

Suppliers can easily find, respond to, and track the status of RFTs online.

Improve the process, reduce operational costs, save valuable time, and ensure transparency.

Upgrade your business today

Digitalise your invoice management and payments.

Accelerate your transactions with bulk payments.

Keep your invoices history online.

I want access to a trusted network of suppliers

All businesses on Jinius have been carefully vetted to meet our high security and reliability standards.

I want to issue Tenders (RFTs) effortlessly

With Jinius you can reach out to a large pool of potential suppliers, publish your Request for Tenders (RFTs), manage the process digitally, secure transparency, and receive offers that perfectly meet your business needs.

I want to manage my transactions with my suppliers without delays

Whether you plan on doing business with a few suppliers or with many on a daily basis, Jinius provides the digital tools that will enable you to transact in an efficient way.

New possibilities as a buyer:

  • Receiving and accepting invoices digitally
  • Paying invoices directly via Jinius
  • Keeping your invoices history online to access anytime
  • Securing transparency and reliability by transacting with reliable partners
  • Creating and managing Tenders (RFTs) and receiving quotations from a large pool of potential suppliers
  • Growing your business network with new suppliers and customers

I want to simplify my invoicing & payments to save valuable time

With Jinius, you can send and receive digital invoices and credit notes quickly and safely to your customers. By integrating your Jinius account with the Bank of Cyprus’ 1bank system, you can execute directly worry-free payments in real time. The best part? Your customers will be automatically notified via Jinius for every invoicing and payment related to them. No more time wasted on calls and emails. Save your time and intel, to spend it where it matters.

I want to grow my business network by connecting with new customers

Jinius enables you to find easily and quickly new clients. Connect with any company and grow your network, by joining our ecosystem.

I want to keep track of my transactions

By using Jinius, you get automated, real time information on the status of each invoice and payment. In addition, you keep your invoices history online. You’ve got everything you need online, available to access anytime. 

New possibilities as a seller:

  • Sell my products directly to consumers on a vast online marketplace
  • Increase revenue and market share
  • Find, respond and track the status of Tenders (RFTs) digitally
  • Grow my business network and make my services and products discoverable
  • Keep track of all of my business transactions 
  • Send and receive my invoices digitally
  • Schedule and execute payments online
  • Keep my invoices history online

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